Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Knowledge Alliance Calls for Bipartisan Action in Education

Knowledge Alliance Calls for Bipartisan Action on Education in the 112th Congress
Research-based knowledge as the arbiter for bipartisanship

Statement of Knowledge Alliance President Jim Kohlmoos

The results are now tabulated for most of the Congressional and gubernatorial elections for this unique and volatile mid-term election cycle. It is now time to put aside the harsh words and uncompromising rhetoric and look forward to turning the page to a new chapter of governance in Congress. When it comes to education, it is particularly important to do so and to do so in the spirit of bi-partisanship. That's because education urgently needs and deserves to be a top priority in the 112th Congress. Funding education to appropriate levels and fixing the No Child Left Behind Act should be high on the agenda when Congress convenes in January.

It is our belief that knowledge generated through scientific research should be an arbiter for bi-partisan action in education and play a prominent role in decision making moving forward. Knowledge Alliance and its members stand ready to work with the leadership in Congress to help get the job done on behalf of all the children in our great country.

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