Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 11 reunions and reflections

In the early the morning of September 11, 2001 eight of us from around the country were having a breakfast meeting about urban teacher preparation in a conference room one block from the White House. The horrific surreal events of that morning in DC and the ensuing panic that we experienced together created a lasting bond. On each subsequent 9/11 we have had an email re-union. Here are excerpts from this 9th year:

"(911) reminds us how important it is that we not forgot how fragile life can be and the perils that challenge our nation and the world. All one can do is continue to contribute to the good of society."

"Our annual email gathering always evokes a complex mix of emotions for me: first the gratitude, then the recollection of the day itself. I was running late to our meeting and passed blocks of people lining the streets. I remember hearing sirens and wondering whether there was some dignitary coming up the street. It wasn't until I saw you all coming out of the building that I learned what was transpiring. And I still never think about that time without remembering the great silence of the skies I never travel to DC, as I will tomorrow, without recalling that time".

"The ninth anniversary of our infamous day(s) together is arriving. It is reassuring and comforting to contact you again as a group. I am hope that the insanity in Gainesville, FL will not spill over into another tragedy. As we remember the past, we also need to learn for the future, yes?"

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