Saturday, March 7, 2009

50% of the First 100

You readers with good memories might recall that just after the election we made some bold predictions about the first 100 days of the Obama Administration. Well, by our count the mid point of the first 100 days will be this week. Let’s see how we are doing. Tell us what you think.

#1 The fiscal crisis will trump everything
#2 Appropriations issues will be the Big Issue
#3 The reauthorization of ESEA will be a whisper of an issue
#4 The new Secretary of Education will be a governor
#5 The battles will be internicine rather than partisan
#6 Obama will govern from above the middle
#7 ED policy will focus primarily on college access and affordability
#8 Standards-base reform will continue but…
#9 The campaign for 2012 will begin on January 21, 2009
#10 The new puppy will be a mixed pound-puppy not named Spot

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