Thursday, December 18, 2008

Applauding the New Secretary Designate

Knowledge Alliance applauds President-elect Obama’s selection of Arne Duncan as the next US Secretary of Education. During his successful tenure at the helm of the Chicago Public Schools Mr. Duncan has demonstrated a unique leadership ability to tackle the most pressing problems with a powerful combination of knowledge, collaboration and will.

At this pivotal time in our nation’s history – one filled with urgent challenges and history-making opportunities --- the President-elect and the Secretary-designate face a watershed moment. In education the country is ready to turn the page on past efforts and be guided into a new era of innovation and improvement.

We believe that Secretary-designate Duncan has the capacity to unleash America’s ingenuity on our biggest educational dilemmas, deliver break-the-mold solutions to our schools, and lead a knowledge revolution in teaching and learning.

With great anticipation and enthusiasm Knowledge Alliance looks forward to working with the new Secretary in a national call to action for education reform.

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